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"An absolute professional .... From cover design to editorial layout to print and web campaign design to promotional materials and media kits, Kristin routinely over-delivered, all-the-while under constant week-to-week deadline pressure." -- Jim Cohen, Associate Publisher, Detroit Metro Times

"She has always had the 'first one in, last one out' kind of attitude. I was always blown away by her tireless work ethic, incredible multitasking skills and time management. I have also never seen anyone handle the amount of pressure she was consistently under with such grace."
-- Haimanti Basu, Graphic Designer, Detroit Metro Times

"Great work! I am extremely satisfied with the designs created. Kristin Borden did a great job."

"Kristin was very fast and a pleasure to work with!"

"Kristin was wonderful to work with!"

-- Anonymous reviews from advertising clients (


I am a graphic designer with 13+ years of professional experience, including managing junior designers and collaborating with freelancers.

When I'm not designing, I'm either coddling my cat Barry, spending summer weekends at Coney Island, and singing in several different choirs.

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